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Wenling Dachang Electrical Appliance Factory was formerly Wenling Commutator Factory, which was founded in 1976. Located in the youngest city on China’s coastline - Wenling City, Zhejiang Province, it specializes in the R & D and production of commutator for decades. Close to Shanghai Port, Ningbo Beilun Port, Shenhai (Yongtaiwen) Expressway, coastal high-speed railway, national highway 104, Taizhou Airport and Wenzhou Airport, its land, sea and air transport are very convenient.

Taking the advantages of the matching resources of Yangtze River Delta as a manufacturing base of automobile and motorcycle parts, electrical products and parts, the Company committed to the pursuit of technical innovation and sound quality assurance for production targets, and the low energy consumption for production orientation. After years of accumulation, the company has carried out thorough research and considerable development in the commutator field, especially for the reducer motor cold-extruded commutators, with the successful formation of three series of cylindrical cold extrusion, flat cold extrusion, and hook cold extrusion, which ranks the first class in the domestic same industry. Compared with the commutators with segmented type, the cold extrusion commutators features higher copper utilization and more even distance between bars.

Based on its pursuit of perfect products, the Company specializes in all types of commutator. In the whole process of the production from the product development and manufacturing to after-sales service, the Company is particularly strict with itself and has become a leading company in the industry, after decades of continuous self-improvement and innovation. Its main products are divided into three types - cold extrusion (cold forging) type, segmented type, and shell type, which are widely used in auto starter, windshield wiper, windows rolling-up, chair, fan, redirector power, fuel pumps, motorcycle motor, power tool type of motor and electric micro-motor. The Company attaches importance to the product technology innovation, and continuingly imports domestic and international advanced production technologies and facilities from time to time. According to the current international and domestic requirements of energy conservation, emissions reduction, the start-stop system for micro-cars, the company has been recently developing a long-life commutator for cold extrusion slowdown starter.

With the accumulated technology experience and a sound service quality management system, the Company steadily establishes itself at the automotive parts industry. Adopting its advanced production technology, and the high- quality raw materials provided by well-known supplier, the Company passes ISO/TS16949:2009 quality management system for professional certification, and receives the recommendation certificate issued by the French Technology Quality Supervision Commission for the European Union market. The Company has a whole set of production and testing equipment, operates strictly according to ISO/TS16949, and has a strong product development capability. Its products are well received in Europe, America, Asia, Taiwan and other places.

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